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Aardvark - Risk Acknowledgement and Health Disclaimer form


Important document! Each person taking part on an Encounter must complete a Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer form before purchase can be confirmed. The participants/accompanying adult will be asked to sign this form on the day of the booked Encounter.

Please be mindful when answering the questions below that the Aardvark Encounter includes the following elements:

•As the zoo covers a large area, there is a quite a lot of walking involved (approximately 2 KM) in getting around from the entrance to the meeting point, to the animal enclosure and back to the Encounters cabin

• The Aardvark Encounter takes place inside their enclosure, which is essentially a small warm room to the rear of the viewing window accessed via a narrow corridor

• The Aardvarks may be sleeping during the Encounter and you will be required to crouch/bend down near to the floor in order to interact with them

• To mimic the Aardvarks natural environment the area is dry and dusty and contains hay and animal hair, which may agitate those people susceptible to allergic reactions

• Aardvarks may become boisterous during your visit and you may be required to move quickly upon instruction

• Watching Animal Encounters is very popular with other visitors and you may attract attention.

• Whilst all our animals in the zoo are kept in the best of health and we have strict hygiene procedures in place, all animals may carry pathogens that can be transmissible to humans which might be a risk to those with a suppressed or compromised immune system

1.Please answer all of the questions below to the best of your knowledge, for yourself / any of the children in your care or on behalf of the participant taking part:

Please ring 01244 650 281 if you have any questions before filling in this risk assessment.

Do you/they have any relevant phobias or allergies?

Do you/they have any visual/hearing/mobility impairment?

Do you/they have any learning difficulties/disabilities?

Do you/they have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of which may put you or the animals or staff at risk?

Are you/they pregnant?

Are you/they immuno-compromised?

Do you/they suffer from asthma/breathing difficulties?

Please answer YES or NO to ALL of the above questions:

Are you/they physically fit - able to crouch/kneel down?

Are you/they able to walk across uneven ground?

Are you/they able to change into overalls and wellington boots independently?

Please answer YES or NO to ALL of the above questions:

2. The person taking part on the Aardvark Encounter organised by Chester Zoo is 8 years old or older.

3. I understand the animals I encounter are habituated to human contact and do not normally display behaviours which pose a threat to visitors. However it should be recognised that no animal is absolutely predictable and there is always a small amount of risk of unpredictable behaviour. I understand that zoo animals, just like pets, may carry pathogens that can be transmissible to humans.

4. To reduce the risks, I can confirm that I/he/she comply with the restrictions and requirements found in Chester Zoo’s Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions.

5. I agree that I am responsible for any children in my care and undertake to ensure that he/she/they can comply with the restrictions and requirements found in Chester Zoo’s Terms and Conditions.

6. I declare that if I am not their parent or guardian, I have the authority of the parent or guardian to complete & sign this Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer.

7. In the event of an accident, or loss or damage to personal effects to myself or the children in my care, I acknowledge that Chester Zoo will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the Aardvark Encounter (except death or personal injury caused by Chester Zoo’s negligence) and I waive all and any claims against Chester Zoo in this respect both for myself and/or for the children in my care and/or for the participant taking part.

I confirm that I have read and understood the information on this Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer.

Children aged 8-15 years must be accompanied by a spectating adult (must comply with above health and safety) paying normal zoo admission (1 adult per 1 child).

Risk assessments are in place for all activities. If you have any concerns post encounter, please contact your GP.

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