Members tickets are only available up to 31st August as we are hoping that by September members won’t need to book. We’ll be in touch as soon as we know for sure. Thanks

At the moment members will need to let us know that they are visiting by booking online. This way we can strictly limit the number of people at the zoo each day and we’ll be able to keep you safe. Please don’t try to visit the zoo without a valid booking confirmation as we won’t be able to let you in. These bookings don’t cost you anything but please do bring your membership card with you as you’ll need this to get in to the zoo.

If you would like to visit with your membership card please enter a valid membership number below.
You will be able to book for up to 6 members using one membership card, but all visitors must bring their membership card on the day of visit.

How do I find my member number?

You will find your membership number on the back of your membership card beneath the barcode. It will be a 'M' followed by up to 6 digits. You only need to enter the numbers in the box below.
(ignore any letters)

Membership Number: